Vinaya Vidheya Rama (2020) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Ram Charan, Vivek OB

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The long-awaited film with Ram Charan has come out. Well, what can I say, I still have a double opinion, since I actually watched two films.

The first film, with a romantic-everyday line, I really liked: bright colors, pleasant characters, lively dances, a big family, facial expressions and jokes – everything is wonderful. I was especially pleased with the presence of women in the prime of mature beauty. Usually, Indian cinema does not please us with the appearance of heroines over 30, these are either young beauties in first love, or wise and understanding mothers. And here is a constellation of self-confident women who have taken place, happy in marriage, ready to defend what they believe in and give warmth to those they love. I admired the wives of the main character’s brothers throughout the film. Rama’s partner this time was also a pleasant girl, she danced well, it is clear that she is not a dancer, but there is enthusiasm, emotions, not like his previous ‘pieces of wood’, which you cannot look at without tears. Finally, they gave him a normal pair again, not Tamanna, of course … but you can put a plus sign, she made a good impression, she didn’t draw attention to herself, but she didn’t sag mediocrely either. I liked very much that in this film (in a humorous way, of course, but still) it was shown that the situation had turned upside down and the girls began to respect themselves more, they didn’t bend so much during the bridegroom, my mother defended her daughter’s interests in full, and her heart was rejoicing. While this is still humor, but maybe similar trends have already begun in society – it would be great.

But a South Indian film is almost always masala, and love and family relationships alone cannot be grossed at the box office. Therefore, they added more fights, fights, the villain and other spices were added. Here is the second film, heroic-adventure, did not inspire me, because we have seen all this more than once. Yes, Ram Charan’s eyes sparkle fiercely, his face reflects restrained anger, he fights beautifully, but this has happened more than once in his previous films. But the petty antics during matchmaking, the penetrating look when he raised her to the bell caught me more. Apparently, after all, I am more of a romantic nature, I am more pleased when Ram Charan plays ordinary guys, ordinary Indians. And in general, I love life-cute films more than pretentious combat ones. Especially considering the fact that both Tollywood and Bollywood are already supplying such mixtures in a huge amount, I want rest for the soul, relaxation while watching, relaxation, so to speak.

But overall, the film is not bad, especially for those who like masala films, and fights on the screen contribute to the release of andrenaline in the blood. I especially liked the brightness of the film, the dance parts generally dazzle with their colors.

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