Mumbai police investigating Kangana Ranaut’s drug connection- actress bollywood hindi movies replied, ‘I am ready’

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Mumbai police investigating Kangana Ranaut’s drug connection- actress bollywood hindi movies replied, ‘I am ready’

Kangana Ranaut’s troubles in Mumbai do not seem to be over. Where previously BMC broke into Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai office. At the same time, it is now reported that the Maharashtra government is going to start an investigation into Kangna’s drug connection. State Home Minister Anil Deshmukh himself confirmed this. According to the reports, the Mumbai Police has received a copy of the order of investigation. However, detailed information has not been received this time.


Maharashtra Home Minister Amit Deshmukh had asked the Mumbai Police to conduct an investigation based on an old interview by Suman, in which he accused Kangana Ranaut of taking drugs.

The special thing is that the study itself has said not to get into this controversy. Posting a video, he said- ‘In the year 2016, I gave an interview, due to which today I am trying to drag me into controversy again. Please stop dragging me into all this. I have not made a case against anyone. According to my situation at that time, I had said some things. I apologize for that. ”

Kangana on drug test At the same time, Kangana has reacted to the drug connection investigation. Kangana tweeted – I will be very happy to provide my assistance to Mumbai Police and Anil Deshmukh. Please check my drug test, my call record, if you get a link from drug peddlers, I will leave Mumbai forever.

Drugs in bollywood hindi movie In fact

Drugs in bollywood hindi movie In fact, recently Kangana Ranaut said in an interview that about 99 percent people in the film industry take drugs. He also took many names.

Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor undergo drug test Kangana said, ‘I request Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Ayan Mukherjee and Vicky Kaushal to give their blood samples for drug test .. There are rumors that they are intoxicated by cocaine, I want them Expose rumors, they can inspire millions by doing so.

Kangna’s drug connection investigation

Now the Maharashtra government has announced to get Kangana’s drug connection investigated. However, Kangana says that she is ready for every test.

Kangna’s viral interview Not only this, but an old article of Kangana also went viral on social media, in which he gave a statement about taking drugs. In this video, Kangana said- ‘Friends, I was 15-16 years old, when I came from my home to make a career. I felt that I would fill all the stars in my hands. After leaving home, I became a film star, but I was also a drug addict for a year and a half.

The substance was mixed with my drink A few days ago, Kangana had revealed while disclosing- ‘When I was new in the film industry and who became my mentor, he had added drugs to my drink. He used to do this to stop me from going to the police, when I succeeded and got a chance to go to film parties, I was confronted with the shocking horrifying world of drugs, debauchery and mafia.

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