Invitation of Ekta Kapoor from Leading Enterprises Organization! Hindi movies Bollywood News

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‘Content Queen’ Ekta Kapoor has been invited once again on 12 September 2020 to be part of a virtual conversation for a leading entrepreneurial organization. Ekta is one of the top names and she is invited to speak on various topics at various prestigious events and serves as an inspiration for young entrepreneurs who want to make a big name in their respective fields.

Ekta took up entrepreneurship at the young age of 19. His countless experiences have taught him a lot in his journey and the producer has shared his experiences which inspires many.

Also, the producers will also share insights on some important topics such as their professional and personal journeys and will also provide guidance on how to overcome the various hurdles encountered in their journey.

Ekta never holds back from turning her dreams into reality. Producers have been an integral part of many big events before and, through cinema, television and OTT, she has made many achievements to bring change and change the lives of millions of people worldwide.

Talking about the work-front, Ekta Kapoor has always been effective in presenting strong content and producing one after the other including a Villain 2 and Puglet for the audience.

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